University Extension

We will define a programme for University Extension activities that is open to society, non-elitist and distributed throughout the territory of Asturias, in order to extend the university activity beyond its campuses. We will create synergy environments with other organizations and administrations in order to activate a wide cultural offer, of interest to citizens, and one that will keep costs within acceptable limits for the institution, without incurring unnecessary expenditure. We will improve the language skills of our staff and faculty by means of the university’s House of Languages. We will strengthen the University of Oviedo Programme for Senior Citizens (PUMUO). We will promote a joint project with foundations and academic and social institutions of our community to develop high-level courses, conferences, activities and debates during the summer.


We will improve dissemination of university activity by creating open dissemination channels, signing agreements with the media, granting the necessary funding and making the Audiovisual Media Service available to the university community. The results of university work are of strategic worth for the university itself and for the society, and dissemination costs should not be an impediment for students.


We will develop physical and digital information systems to facilitate locating of our resources and activities and increase our visibility in Spanish, Asturian and English. We will act proactively so that municipalities where our campuses are located will duly signal our facilities.


We will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our internal communication policy, by developing more direct and specific methods and channels that allow the university community gain awareness of institutional evolution. We will implement a programme to develop proposals aimed at improving our university’s image in all areas: primary and secondary schools, other autonomous communities and countries, the media, social networks and various institutions.

Transparency Portal

We will improve our corporate transparency portal by incorporating detailed data of university activity, beyond the current regulations and financial framework.  We will also show the results of our teaching and research activities.

European and International Networks

We will strengthen international networks and activities through a dynamic programme management scheme that boosts actions with funding from European and other international programmes. We will revitalize and give flexibility to our support management team so that it acts as a catalyst for the transmission of opportunities. We will promote agreements with other universities for the exchange of human resources and collaboration in educational projects, management, innovation and research of reciprocal interest.

University Community

We will prolong the university links with all members of our community beyond the period of their formal relationship with our institution. We will offer support for the development of our graduates’ professional career.

International Students

We will Improve our mechanisms for hosting international students and visitors, decentralizing said mechanisms towards the faculties and schools as much as possible, so they may be able to attract international talents.  We will promote the Humanities Campus in order to increase the figures of international mobility

Asturian Language

We will promote literary creation, cinema, theatre and music in the Asturian language by promoting performances, recitals, poetry, fiction, short films, traditional theatre… and offering specific awards that should stimulate the interest of authors and creators. We will promote books, brochures, audiovisual media and reports published in Asturian.


We will strengthen amateur university sporting and integrate it into campus life, by properly managing our facilities and promoting healthy lifestyles. We will recover scholarships for athletes, linking them to their academic and sportive performance. We will improve our sports facilities in all campuses and sign agreements with other organizations. We will also sign agreements with federations and associations with a view to obtaining authorized certificates related to sports. We will use competitive sport to improve the attractiveness of our campuses for international students. We will build new sports facilities and strengthen their proper upkeeping in all campuses. We will use the existing facilities for maximum profitability and efficiency, thus making them attractive to the social environment. We will encourage university extension activities in health and sport.


We will make use of the opportunities offered by our heritage, cultural assets and the Road to Santiago for organizing academic activities and promoting, through University Extension, cultural tourism as a link with other autonomous communities and countries. We will look for co-operation with the Principality of Asturias Public Society for the Management and Promotion of Tourism and Culture in order co-ordinate all activities offered by the university.