R&D&I Long-Term Planning

 We will negotiate with the Principality of Asturias a multi-yearly university funding scheme associated with long-term goals. Accounting will be governed by a system for analytically controlling teaching, research and management. The system will grant real-time checking  on income and expenditure.

Research Groups

We will develop a steady scheme for the funding of accredited research groups. This will include pre-doctoral trainee appointments for all groups, a minimum annual budget, and management support for research tasks. We will implement a plan to enhance competitive support for emerging teams and individual researchers.

Research Career

We will strengthen the professional career of all personnel involved in research work. We will offer a system of basic guarantees (lifelong learning, MS editing support, funding) plus a suitable working environment for the development of research tasks (space allocation and provision of material means). We will promote research in the Arts and Humanities and the Social Sciences and Law areas, by encouraging new research groups, improving access to databases and networks, installing specific software, and suitably managing transfer and impact of research output.

Projects and Research Contracts

 We will take steps towards implementing a flexible and dynamic system that should facilitate the management of research projects –analytical accounting, a central purchasing office, paperless billing, debit cards and online transactions among other measures. We will put together a Managing Team for Research Support that should encourage and advise research groups on calls for national and international projects and help in drafting and editing application forms, budgets and subsequent financial management of projects as awarded. We will use all the potentialities of the University of Oviedo Foundation (FUO) for managing tasks.

Science and Technology Services (STSs)

We will intensify the initiatives of the university’s Science and Technology Services (STSs) by means of a strategic plan that includes specifically-trained staff secondment, co-operation with external networks, essay accrediting, outdoor advertising and an evaluation programme for different incumbent goals. We will strengthen and spread the use of these services in the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences and Law areas, so that they meet their respective needs and their research is enhanced thereof.

Spin-offs and Technology Transfer

We will promote transfer of research results and entrepreneurship at the level of first degrees, masters’ degrees and doctoral programmes. We will encourage protection of the intellectual property and implementation of spin-offs by creating a repository of ideas from research groups and researchers. We will actively involve various Asturian industrial and business networks in university education, strengthening university-industry links. We will take the necessary steps for turning the Office for the Transfer of Research Results into a ‘single window’ system that should grant university support to any company, individual or entity seeking to take out a specific service or analysis, or is interested in investing as a patron in spin-off making.

Integrating the University into the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Principality of Asturias

We will promote strategic alliances and shared ventures among universities, industries and the Government of the Principality of Asturias in order to insert our university into the innovative and productive fabric of the Principality and to obtain funding for large strategic projects directly aimed to market. We will develop steady communication channels with companies, public research institutions and the Principality of Asturias in order to ensure the university’s leadership in the Principality’s innovative and entrepreneurial fabric.

We will create a monitoring system for international, national and regional development strategies, innovation and marketing in order to incorporate them into our first degrees, masters’ degrees and doctoral programmes, giving them flexibility in order to anticipate future marketing demands and provide our graduates and lecturers with added-value skills and employability conditions.

Technological Offer Dissemination

We will develop professional strategies for the dissemination and visibility of the capabilities and skills of groups, offices and facilities of the University of Oviedo, by programming series of permanent seminars according to economy sectors, in order to grant implementation of strategic alliances and permanent university-industry collaborative networks.

Institute for Educational Research and Innovation

We will jointly manage scientific knowledge, professional experience, ongoing services and resources related to the field of education and training by means of an Institute for Educational Research and Innovation. We will develop this institute in collaboration with the Principality’s education authorities, in order to enhance quality and excellence in research and innovation, as well as to provide consulting services for project development, training and transfer of knowledge in these fields.