My connection with the University of Oviedo began as a student, over forty years ago. This wide career in our institution has provided me with extensive experience in teaching, research and university management and it has allowed me to gather a number of ideas that, in my view, could improve our university performance, prestige and relevance. This is why some time ago I decided to submit before the university community my candidacy for the post of Rector, offering teamwork, support and efficiency to plan a long term project ahead capable of  impelling us to meet new challenges for our institution and, consequently, for society. The team I am now leading emerges in the elections with the intention of providing the necessary impetus to a university that needs to renew goals and enthusiasm for our institution to reach a better position in both a national and in an international context, and to recover social leadership and a rightful role in fostering progress in the Principality of Asturias.

The first area of interest to achieve all this is transparency.  We must produce accounts with the maximum budgetary rigor, but we also we have to make an effort to prove that the University of Oviedo uses its resources properly, making it clear that we are a key, useful and extremely profitable asset. It is therefore necessary and urgent to set up a negotiation committee and a schedule of meetings with the Government of our Autonomous Community to define strategic lines of cooperation for the University of Oviedo and the Principality of Asturias.

Another priority objective will be to boost the quality of our teaching and research and of transfer of technology. The Information technology and audiovisual media should be a staple of work in our global society and we must work to equip our classrooms and laboratories the way a modern updated institution demands. Getting the best training for people must be a strategic priority and in order to achieve this our lecturers need to have the necessary resources to carry out their activities properly, both in terms of teaching  resources and teacher training programs and update.

As for research and transfer of knowledge, the provision of guaranteed basic resources will be crucial to boosting our researchers’ and research groups’ work. They will be assisted by supporting staff in charge of facilitating the management of their projects and research contracts and also of encouraging the process of obtaining financial resources.

We must likewise update our management procedures, which often prevent us from being effective. To achieve this, we will implement e-government and will decentralize management whenever possible, making the most of our management and services staff’s experience and proven dedication. We will develop new, strategically planned IT tools and will work to define new management processes so that they are clear to students, faculty and administrative staff and services.

University members’ commitment with the institution must foster a permanent bond to be maintained through loyalty encouraging mechanisms. For a more intense coexistence on campus, our students must have adequate care and services to make life in university spaces attractive. We want our graduates to feel proud of belonging to the University of Oviedo forever.

With the purpose of achieving all these goals, I have spent the last few years trying to know our university better, visiting every campus, every center, every department and every administration hub. I have tried to discuss with all of you your concerns, issues and demands. All along this time you have made contributions, suggested solutions and proposed action that would improve your daily activity. With all these proposals you have gradually shaped our government program for the next four years.  All I need now is your trust to be able to carry it out. Therefore, I sincerely thank you because without you what I present here would not be possible.

Some of the measures envisaged in this document are a priority and we intend to adopt them immediately: To eliminate bureaucratic and regulatory barriers that limit the proper functioning of our institution; to negotiate new permanence regulations for our students; to rationally organize the Degree Dissertation and the Master’s Degree Dissertation; to improve internships; to negotiate a new jobs roster of and solve all problems related to job insecurity and to faculty extended working hours. If you bestow your confidence to the project presented, I promise to visit again, as Rector, all centers, departments and sectors of our university as well as all the bodies representing the different university groups, and to continue to do so during my term of office, with the purpose of carrying out, on the basis of discussion and consensus, the measures detailed below.