We will safeguard the property of the University of Oviedo, by protecting, maintaining and highlighting the assets of our institution. We consider it necessary to sustain and give special treatment to the university’s historical building, which is subject to special protection, adapt its halls and accesses and manage it to the high level and projection it deserves. Likewise, we will promote visits and museum treatment for those areas where this is feasible (industrial and equipment heritage, among others), including e-visits to our facilities and an online open-days scheme. We will make profitable goods as no longer in use and promote agreements with other institutions for an efficient use of our resources.

Campus Management

We will re-arrange our campuses in close co-operation with the Principality of Asturias and the municipalities involved. We will strengthen up the Gijón and Mieres campuses and reorganize the university buildings in Oviedo, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the former hospital grounds, supporting and developing the Humanities Campus and studying the possibilities that are offered by Los Catalanes Campus.


We seek integration, interconnection and gathering of the different university campuses through sustainable transport, optimizing the existing resources and car parks. We will explore suitable agreements and intelligent transport systems. We will develop a management policy to gradually replace the university car fleet by cheap hybrid vehicles under leasing or renting plans. We will build parking garages for bicycles in order to encourage their use, incorporating bike lanes into the university areas.

Energy Efficiency and the Environment

We guarantee comfort in all University of Oviedo buildings, classrooms and laboratories, by designing refurbishing strategies that should follow the principles of maximal energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact. We will conduct regular energy audits and develop a plan for adapting the university buildings, looking for optimization between energy consumption and operating costs. We will strengthen all actions related to recycling and a responsible use of resources.

Research Facilities

We will improve and regularly upkeep all the university research facilities and promote shared laboratories with companies and institutions, seeking to insure agreements with national and international singular scientific and technological infrastructures. We will update the university’s Science and Technology Service facilities, through an appropriate plan for upkeeping, refurbishing and providing human and material resources. We will keep an updated inventory of all existing equipment.

Single Contact Point

We will create a Single Contact Point  where members of the university community can receive information, advice, solve problems and make any transactions related to campus life. It will also serve as the university’s information office for people outside the institution. This Single Contact Point will have offices in different campuses and serve to facilitate university management and as a source for information.

University Library, Multimedia Library and Digital Information Distribution Service

We will stimulate the activity of libraries and digital resources, such as image databases, thesauruses, documentation files, newspaper libraries with historical collections, and virtual libraries. All these will be integrated into a future virtual store to include e-books, catalogues, images and manuscripts digitized at the University of Oviedo and its research groups. We will make book lending norms more flexible to investigators. We will implement automatic transfer of data on research groups and scientific production into international organizations for bibliometric management.


We will develop a visibility plan that includes standardization of individual, research group, faculty and departmental web pages, seeking to achieve a uniform corporate image that should allow, through a system of content areas, an easy and permanent adaptation to the needs of each institution.  In order to give greater visibility to actions by the University of Oviedo, we will implement a plan of R & D & I dissemination that includes, among others, e-publishing in intranet of location (with picture and map) of the different resources in the university’s Research Support Service and Science and Technological Services.

IT and Communications Service

We will create a technical support group for strategic decision-making in scientific, academic and managerial matters. We will reorganize the University Computing Service by unifying all management in a Customer Care Centre and promoting the use of services and corporate applications. This service will be endowed with personnel as considered necessary for the diffusion and dissemination of all university activities. We will improve our institutional website and keep updated all information concerning teaching and research by synchronizing the incumbent profiles. Measures aiming at a proper functioning of computer rooms will be coordinated from the Computer Service.

Corporate Infrastructure

We will monitor and improve on corporate infrastructure among the different campuses and RedIRIS, incorporating perimeter security mechanisms that are more efficient than the current ones.

PCs and Digital Resources

We will implement a centralized policy for PC renewal for all  the University of Oviedo personnel, and purchase software licenses for teaching and research use. We will organize specific courses focusing on learning how to replace software licenses by free software whenever possible.

Central Purchasing Unit (CPU)

We will take steps towards implementing a Central Purchasing Unit at the University of Oviedo, which will manage orders for equipment and consumables through minor contracts, ensuring the best quality/price ratio. The CPU will be supervised by the Single Office for Research Support managerial team and will be closely related to the specific campus stores. It will also function as a central re-distribution point for usable material among laboratories, groups, buildings and services (scientific tools and computer hardware), and will also keep an updated record of all equipment as available at the university. The CPU will take care of recycling useless equipment.