New challenges with the same enthusiasm

There is nothing more exciting for the governing council of a university than to be able to carry out its projects and observe the objectives being met, that the promises are transformed into reality. The core programme areas of this electoral programme arise from sharing and listening to the expectations and concerns of the university community; ultimately, living in and for the academic institution. In practice, they are a comprehensive improvement of the university that enable it to take a leading place on the Spanish and international scene. This is something that has been experienced with many of the proposals made in 2016, and whose objectives were met despite the many difficulties.

Governance action will always put people, students, administration and services staff and teachers first, expanding technological possibilities and creating strategic collaboration spaces that effectively contribute to empowering the society of Asturias. The university aspires to advance in research excellence, in inclusion, equality and sustainability to become a cultural, educational and research point of reference at any stage of life.

It also longs for having sufficient financial resources so that the University of Oviedo can manage itself autonomously and in a decentralised manner, prioritising co-governance, and intensifying its relationship with the territory in which it is integrated, interweaving its community within the socio-economic and cultural fabric that sustains it.

Rest assured that the university will continue to fulfil its electoral promises, culminating the projects listed here. To achieve this, the university draws upon the aspirations of a renewed and experienced team that is ready to face new challenges with the same enthusiasm and with the same spirit of service to the university community and to Asturian society.

“Spanish science works
wonders with little funding”

Margarita Salas

“It is unfair that society
loses woman talent”

Mary Beard

One never notices what has been done;
one can only see what remains to be done.

Marie Curie