Human Resources Improvement

This is the to the University of Oviedo’s most valuable asset. We need to train, motivate, inspire and encourage faculty, administration and services staff, and students if we want to build a university that becomes a national and international reference for its quality in the areas of  lecturing, innovation, research and management.

Social Responsibility

We must reinforce the University of Oviedo as an academic and scientific institution for progress at the service of Asturias’ progress, ensuring commitment to our community from a social, cultural, economic, environmental and linguistic point of view. We will enhance our university’s inclusive dimension and will promote curricula that build in respect and the promotion of human rights, as well as the principles of universal accessibility. We will pay special attention to diversity of people, settings, services and situations, as well as to family and work-life balance, by increasing specific financial support

Legal and Work Safety

Our decisions will always be sound and will be made on the basis of reasoning and fairness, trying to avoid conflict leading to legal proceedings. We will ensure fair hiring while carefully handling the effects caused by replacement rates and permanence conditions skillfully and with transparency.  We pledge to immediately negotiate the human resources management policy for the coming years, both in the Administration and Services sector and in the faculty), always seeking dialogue and consensus. We will devise a new Jobs List and will promote joint negotiating committees: University Committee, Administration and Services Committee and Faculty Committee, for direct and fluent communication with union representatives.

Basic Guarantee System

We are committed to establishing a Basic Guarantee System for faculty, administration and students to ensure that the three groups have the necessary space and material resources for the proper conduct of their business, while ensuring the defense of their professional rights and proper initial and in-service training along their working life.

Social Rights Recovery

Many of our social rights, such as study aids, places in nursery schools, and  or social action allowances, which were gained with great effort in the past, have been withdrawn, or drastically reduced, in recent years. We must therefore act with energy for their recovery.

Transparent Management

We will act with transparency in terms of personnel management by means of sound decision-making processes on the basis of our respectful attitude for the views of the university community. We will have transparent economic management, making expenses and investment public as well as the budget execution process so that it can be understood by the entire university community. We will carry out likewise a program of external transparency that allows us to socially revalue the decisive contribution of the university to society and to provide visibility to the work in our institution.

Greater Academic and Financial Autonomy

A better distributed and more responsible management will be achieved by  providing greater autonomy to campuses, centers, departments, institutes, bodies and research groups, both in the administrative area and in the expense management area and also when making academic decisions related to the degrees in their field.

A More Efficient, Affordable and Easy Electronic Administration

We will promote all electronic procedures legally and technically possible. The ultimate goal is to encourage the elimination of paper, to avoid travel and to save time in all dealings. Simple applications will be developed and electronic signature procedures will be introduced, grouping all activities related to e-Management in a technical department to coordinate all actions. We must simplify management procedures at the university through a unique and comprehensive management and electronic information system.

Promoting Interdisciplinary Research

We will promote the development of interdisciplinary educational and research projects to make the most of the synergies derived from different areas of expertise for the development of cross-wise projects of scientific and social interest: entrepreneurship, health and legal basis among others. Special attention will be paid to the initiatives promoted from the Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences and Law fields to place them on an equal footing with the rest.

Asturian Language Promotion

We propose the creation of a University Linguistic Normalization Office to promote voluntary use of Asturian. We will strengthen a trilingual official image and the use of an Asturian, Spanish and English sign system when the need arises to update existing signs or to create new ones. We will ensure communication exchanges and application submissions written in Asturian may be made without losing official validity. We will design specific plans to promote and facilitate linguistic, sociolinguistic and educational research of the Asturian language, including training courses for lecturers, students and administration and services staff.

In Favour of a More Active Governing Body

We propose to give our assembly the role it should play within the academic institution, turning it more dynamic since this body holds the highest representation of democratic expression and participation of the university community. We will update its regulations to increase the number of regular meetings and to allow for lively discussion in order to mirror the concerns of all university sectors. We guarantee every sector the right to appoint, through democratic election, their representatives in all the university bodies.


The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport ‘Strategy for Internationalization of Spanish Universities 2015-2020’ will be adapted to the context of University of Oviedo. We will address international dimension as a transversal element in all kinds of university action. We will seek close cooperation with the government of the Autonomous Community in order to establish common mechanisms of international presence.

Occupational Risk Prevention

We will strengthen the Occupational Risk Prevention Office, providing the necessary staff and extending the evaluation of work posts and health checking.