List of Work Posts (LWP)

We will negotiate with the trade unions a new multi-annual List of Work Posts (LWP) that will define job functions, unify criteria and requirements for each position, and provide an overall estimate of costs over the next four years plus an annual fulfillment plan. We will produce LWPs in harmony with the needs and strategies of the institution and work toward an understanding between the rectorate and the trade unions.

Public Employment Offer and Promotion

We will put forward public employment schemes in a way that enables workforce stabilization, promotion and rejuvenation. We aim at speeding up the process for filling vacancies left over the recent years, so as to ensure temporary staff stability.

In-Service training

We will encourage staff in-training by means of courses directly related to their current and foreseeable tasks. Said courses will not take place during periods with heavy workload. We seek to promote staff competence in e-administration through specific training courses. The amount of courses that can be taken at the Gijón and Mieres campuses will be increased. In-training courses will be run by the university itself or in co-operation with other public or accredited institutions.

 Work-Life Balance and Extra Hours

We will allow a greater time-flexibility in order to promote an adequate work-life balance for staff. We will modify internal regulation that limits overtime to 25 extra hours a year, and will negotiate implementing a new regulation that avoids anyone engaging into extra work without any kind of compensation. We will promote telecommuting as a further measure towards achieving a good work-life balance.

Professional Career

We will improve the ASS professional career by means of a more realistic and objective task assessment scheme, unifying criteria in performance evaluations as annually carried out. In that way we seek to enhance employee motivation and, as a consequence,   improve service quality significantly.

Human Resources

We will study human resources needs for each faculty, school, department and service unit in order to identify those that are full and increase or re-allocate human resources as available.

Social Commitment

We will promote social action by gradually recovering study aids and room availability in university housing for vacation exchange. We will negotiate a fairer and more proportionate allocation of funds for social action.

Rights Retrieval

We will gradually retrieve a number of rights that were overlooked in recent years. We will facilitate free choice of vacation days and shifts as a further measure towards promoting good family-work balance. We will suppress institutional closure. We will carry out a study of wage schemes in other universities and public institutions in order to identify salary differences as might exist.


Competitive Merit-Based Reviews

Our commitment is to make calls for competitive merit-based reviews every two years, ruled by stable and homogeneous criteria that will properly assess the tenured ASS career –seniority, experience and training– in order to fill in vacancies.

Levels & Supplements

We will equate levels and specific supplements for each body and category by matching the various posts of Chief of Departmental Bureau, Unit, Section and Service. We will establish both steady productivity supplements according to category, and variable supplements to compensate for different or special working conditions for all categories (heads of unit, heads of bureau, cash payers, etc.).


We will comply with the rule of offering secondment into a vacant position to tenured ASS working for the unit affected. Should this not be possible, secondment will be offered to tenured ASS working in similar positions.  Stable criteria that avoid arbitrariness will be applied.

Avoiding Discretional Appointments

As far as possible, all job descriptions from higher direction down to base posts will be tendered out.


Professional Career

We will facilitate a non-tenured ASS professional career by offering vacancies to be fulfilled through transfer  and competitive examinations (internal promotion), ruled by steady and homogeneous criteria that properly evaluate professional outcome. Positions still unfulfilled will be convened through competitive examinations (open to all) that will take into account public employment offer and prioritize temporary staff stability.

Supplementary Payment

We will introduce calls for supplementary payment, in a progressive way until the entire workforce has been included.

Retrieving Suspended Pay Rights

We will retrieve suspended improvements on pay rights as included in the labour agreement in force, such as integrating standard supplements into the basic salary and its incumbent honouring in extra pays.