Progress and Permanence Regulations

We propose to eliminate the current permanence regulations, requesting its precautionary suspension and drawing together with the students, an agreed alternative considering their current proposals. We pledge to negotiate primarily a regulation according to which the student will only exhaust those calls they have sat for.

 Tuition and Fees

We will work to maintain the unaltered rates for the first and second enrollments both  in undergraduate and Master studies and to reduce the economic impact of payment by increasing the number of installments. We will facilitate the cancellation of registration and the fees refund in justified cases.

 Assessment Regulations

The regulations for evaluation and assessment will be reformulated considering controlled assessment systems by effective methods. We will facilitate access to differentiated assessment responding, in justified cases, to individual student’s particular needs.

Part Time Tuition

We will modify the rules governing part-time tuition, facilitating transfer from full time to part time and reducing the minimum number of credits required for enrollment at the University of Oviedo. We will strengthen half- in-campus tuition to support family reconciliation and harmonization of studies and work.

Academic Strike

 We are committed to develop, for the first time at the University of Oviedo, a consensual regulation of academic strike. We will ensure that the rules are complied with and will provide students access to legal services of the university through its representative bodies.

Student Virtual Portal

 We will replace the current Internet system  with a new, more efficient digital platform for students consisting in  a single access point from which to perform all administrative processing (registration,  academic record, certificates, complaints and academic appeals, etc.) and academic processing (e-mail, e-campus, etc.)  quickly and conveniently. Open discussion forums will be set up among the different university sectors. This site and its contents, as well as institutional mail, will remain accessible to graduates, whose link with the University of Oviedo is thus acknowledged and maintained.

Academic Guidance, Mentoring Programme and Careers Guidance

We will open communication channels with school-leaving students to encourage student academic orientation and correct choice of studies. We will face academic failure carrying out effective plans of tutorial action and professional guidance, paying special attention to college beginners. To do this, we will establish protocols and particular measures during the degree and on graduation.


We will make agreements with companies and national and international institutions for a more practical and quality training to ensure effective learning and to promote employability and entrepreneurial culture. Close supervision will protect students against possible abusive practice. Internship inside the university itself will also be fostered.

 An Inclusive University

We will negotiate strategies in the university to bring about feasible and stable institutional plans promoting equality and no discrimination on the basis of gender, identity, religion or ethnicity. We will articulate action protocols intended to protect and respond to the specific needs of all social groups, so that data protection as a fundamental legal principle is safeguarded. Public bathrooms will be re-signaled and a reasonable number of mixed bathrooms will be established. We will facilitate the exchange of personal data by simplifying the application process and by immediately reflecting them in the administrative documentation through the establishment of a social registration.

 Social Commitment

We will establish a solidarity aid fund for any student eventually being compelled to quit the university for unexpected social -economic reasons. We will promote a collaboration agreement with the Asturian Agency for Cooperation to establish joint solidarity initiatives and commitments for sustainable development of different sectors of the university community. We will strengthen the Office of Attention to Special Needs by expanding its activities and resources in close collaboration with the Asturian Council of Services and Social Rights.


We propose to create more common facilities and to update those that are obsolete. Libraries will be renewed and redefined, enhancing study rooms, group work rooms, and relaxing and dining facilities. We will extend the opening hours of study rooms, especially during exam periods, establishing a 24 hour service schedule in some of them. We will create social facilities to encourage life-sharing on campus.

Student Union

The development of student associations will be encouraged. They will count on self-managed facilities in order to promote their involvement and to serve as facilitators of campus life, promoting academic, recreational, cultural and social activities. We will create and will strengthen associations of former students on a same degree basis.


Transport among the different campuses will be efficiently improved and organised. The connection Central University Hospital of Asturias- Campus de El Cristo will also be improved. The same will be done with the present poor connections of the Mieres campus and with daily access to the different campuses from Eastern and Western Asturias. We will provide students justifying the need for them access to existing  parking places t, and we will also  promote new parking places in the surrounding areas.

Further training

All students will have available cross-training, with special emphasis on languages, on IT and on communication, by means of agreements made with a variety of organizations and institutions through elective courses scheduled throughout the degree. We will promote honours students’ collaboration in teaching duties as a first step in their training future faculty..

Student Halls of Residence

We are committed to invigorate the process of creating students’ halls of residence at the Gijon Campus. We will revise the conditions of the Mieres Campus Halls of residence so as to achieve full occupancy. We will plan, in close collaboration with the Principality of Asturias, the building of new halls of residence in the surrounding area of El Cristo Campus.